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Ban PUBG in India: Is the Mobile Game Just Scapegoat?

Ban PUBG in India: Is the Mobile Game Just Scapegoat?

If it originated in India in the 90s or 20th century, it would be an old story. It's time for exam, parents, teachers and even well-intentioned neighbors will advise you to stay away from comic books and televisions. Nintendo Keyboards gathered dust on the classroom exams and the gardens wore an abandoned look.

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 In 2019, things were not different, except that mobile phones became a vital part of the presence of most young people, as well as mobile games. These days, PUBG Mobile is at the top of gambling schemes, and even angry with most young people.

Like the most popular things that dared to exist around the time of the exam, the game landed in hot water with the Jammu and Kashmir Society of Students, who believe the game is solely responsible for the low grades of the tenth and 12th-grade students in the state.

The anger of this is the student body, which asked the Governor of K & K Satya Bal Singh to proceed and ban PUBG Mobile in India. "The addiction to this game has become more worrying than drug addiction, where young people are seen 24 hours on their mobile phones and playing the game and doing nothing," said Rafiq Makhdoumi, vice chairman of JKSA.

It is quite clear that the game is made to become part of a scapegoat here. This is only because it is very easy to ignore responsibility for the youth category. The desire to ban a game because of bad results is like throwing a blanket over an attacking animal, hoping to disappear.

Unlike the 99-inch LCD games in 1 day, PUBG Mobile is an MMO game that is not only enjoyed by school children, but also adults, and cannot be locked in a cabinet until the report card is released. The PUBG Mobile ban seems almost fun.

For one, in this case, it seems that the size of the huge game is being underestimated. Although he may start Fortinet with Fortnite when it comes to popularity, the game has raised $ 1 billion in revenues last year. This is not the average quantity.

Are mobile games addictive at a certain level? Sure, ask informal players on local buses and trains, who have reached triple levels in Candy Crush. However, the responsibility of protecting minor children and ensuring that children do not go to school should be the responsibility of parents - as always.
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