Monday, February 11, 2019

Ban PUBG in India: Is the Mobile Game Just Scapegoat?

Ban PUBG in India: Is the Mobile Game Just Scapegoat?

If it originated in India in the 90s or 20th century, it would be an old story. It's time for exam, parents, teachers and even well-intentioned neighbors will advise you to stay away from comic books and televisions. Nintendo Keyboards gathered dust on the classroom exams and the gardens wore an abandoned look.

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 In 2019, things were not different, except that mobile phones became a vital part of the presence of most young people, as well as mobile games. These days, PUBG Mobile is at the top of gambling schemes, and even angry with most young people.

Like the most popular things that dared to exist around the time of the exam, the game landed in hot water with the Jammu and Kashmir Society of Students, who believe the game is solely responsible for the low grades of the tenth and 12th-grade students in the state.

The anger of this is the student body, which asked the Governor of K & K Satya Bal Singh to proceed and ban PUBG Mobile in India. "The addiction to this game has become more worrying than drug addiction, where young people are seen 24 hours on their mobile phones and playing the game and doing nothing," said Rafiq Makhdoumi, vice chairman of JKSA.

It is quite clear that the game is made to become part of a scapegoat here. This is only because it is very easy to ignore responsibility for the youth category. The desire to ban a game because of bad results is like throwing a blanket over an attacking animal, hoping to disappear.

Unlike the 99-inch LCD games in 1 day, PUBG Mobile is an MMO game that is not only enjoyed by school children, but also adults, and cannot be locked in a cabinet until the report card is released. The PUBG Mobile ban seems almost fun.

For one, in this case, it seems that the size of the huge game is being underestimated. Although he may start Fortinet with Fortnite when it comes to popularity, the game has raised $ 1 billion in revenues last year. This is not the average quantity.

Are mobile games addictive at a certain level? Sure, ask informal players on local buses and trains, who have reached triple levels in Candy Crush. However, the responsibility of protecting minor children and ensuring that children do not go to school should be the responsibility of parents - as always.

Real-life fighter pilot shares thoughts on Ace Combat 7

Real-life fighter pilot shares thoughts on Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7: Skies is unknown on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since January 18, but was released only on the computer last Friday. So far some decent reviews have been collected and carried by the respected TechSpot Metascore of 81.
To celebrate the launch of the computer, Bandai Namco gave a real fighter pilot, Pierre Henry Chuet game to get his feedback (below). To be clear, Ace Combat does not pretend to be a realistic flight simulator, but Chuet still seems impressed.

He felt that the cockpit at Dassault-Raval-M, the plane he had flown on the French Navy, was accurately pictured in Ace Combat 7.
He also liked the weather system. Raindrops can gather on the parachute, which allows you to play a game played by fighter pilots in real life called "skateboarding". Browsing through the cloud is when you fly near a cloud as you can. If you get too close, drops will appear on the glass and you will lose.
Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies is now available for your computer on Steam. It looks good in a wise review and getting the endorsement from a real pilot was a smart marketing step by Bandai Namco.

I have not played Ace Combat since Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. Now, I feel it's time to jump back into this cockpit.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Apple Stores Have Lost Their Lustre, Critics Say

 Apple Stores Have Lost Their Lustre, Critics Say

Apple Stores Have Lost Their Lustre, Critics Say

Apple is not just a technology giant, it has also grown into one of the largest US retailers, with more than 500 stores on five continents. But the brilliance of its distinctive stores has eased, and stores face a pivotal moment - even before Apple announces this week that its retail boss will soon be leaving.
Apple Stores Have Lost Their Lustre, Critics Say
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Industry analysts say the same product problems and the slowing down of the modernization cycle that led to Apple's sales decline are reflected in the shrinking realization of the stores themselves - with a focus on the repetition of rogue products that no longer amaze and lack full and loyal experiences.

After five years of Apple's leading retail efforts, Angela Ehrends said she would leave "for new personal and professional endeavors," the company said in a press release on Tuesday. When Airlands used Arendtis away from Burberry Fashion in 2014, she highlighted the importance of her stores. Ahrends is one of five women holding senior leadership positions in the company, and an executive who saw him as a possible successor to Chief Executive Tim Cook.As soon as he leaves Ahrendt in April, Apple's human resources manager, Deard O'Brien, will manage retail and online retailers, as well as oversee company staff and recruitment.

Apple declined to comment on the story.

Daniel Ehves, a political analyst, said part of Ehrends' mission was to turn the consumer experience into visiting Apple, which remains a major sales engine and a powerful marketing tool for users to feel like part of a premium brand. In Wedbush Securities. However, recent product launch and storage events were frustrating, he said, reflecting the company's overall challenge of delivering innovative tools to customers when a high bar has already been set.

"The last few years have been free of the lines around the store, and sleep in the store, waiting for the product." "Part of it is that customers are used to the Apple store - there is no longer a wonderful factor."

As Apple's physical presence evolves as online sales become a greater component of customer engagement, attracting people to stores remains Apple's main goal, says Evis, especially in overseas markets such as India and China.

"Apple has beautiful products, but that's all you see," says Ross Gerber, president and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, a wealth management and investment firm based in Santa Monica, California. "Do I really need five tables of the same hour and each different band?"

Gerber pointed to Apple's growing service sector - which includes iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Pay - and asked why more of its stores were not allocated to over-testing and converting Apple's 900 million users to subscribers every month.
In its latest profit report, Apple said its online and retail stores are selling strong sales for Mac and iPad devices, recording record numbers in the number of iPhones that are traded in newer models and making a big growth in paid digital services. In a call with investors, Apple noticed opening its first store in Thailand and Paris. (Apple said its revenue fell 5% from last year, partly because of people who keep their iPhones longer and a slowdown in the Chinese economy.)

"If Apple sells music, video and podcasts, this should be part of the store experience," Gerber said.

Ahrendts faced criticism after it announced in 2017 that Apple's stores would be redesigned as "city squares". Alexis Madrigal of Atlantic noted that Apple - after Facebook and Twitter - has adopted a false language of civic and democratic life, despite the obvious fact that Apple's stores are explicit private spaces. He said Apple's erroneous approach was part of a wider problem in the Internet age: people should not view technology giants as building a liberal democratic society or service or making people's voices heard because they are essential business entities.

In more practical terms, Apple customers have also complained about service in stores. Gerber said a more successful approach would shift stocks away from "check here and go there" to a more customer-oriented experience, with improved management, product assistance, video and music installations, and in-store flow.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Trump meets Kim Jong-un in February; The place is likely to be Vietnam

Trump meets Kim Jong-un in February; The place is likely to be Vietnam

Trump meets Kim Jong-un in February; The place is likely to be Vietnam

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are to choose Hanoi for their second direct encounter, South Korean media reported. US officials have already met with their North Korean counterparts in the Vietnamese capital to plan reunions, the South Korean newspaper Monhwa Ilbo reported, citing unnamed diplomatic sources in Seoul and Washington. Trump said earlier that he planned to hold a second meeting with Kim earlier this month, with Singapore, Mongolia and Switzerland identified as possible venues for the meeting, as well as Vietnam. Nuclear disarmament talks between the United States and North Korea have stalled since the two leaders met in Singapore last June. Kim pressed Trump by threatening in his annual New Year speech to take a "new course" if the United States did not ease economic sanctions on his country. Mark Lambert, a senior State Department official who handles North Korean issues, allegedly visited Vietnam in December, as did North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho.
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While the White House did not specify a location for the second summit between the two leaders, according to media reports, preparations were underway to host the summit, most likely in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi or the coastal city of Da Nang.

The announcement came after Trump met Kim Jong-Chul, North Korea's envoy on Friday for a discussion that included Kim's unfulfilled pledge to dismantle his country's nuclear programs.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said President Trump sat down with Kim Yongchul, a senior official of the communist North Korean government, in the Oval Office.

"President Donald J. Trump met with Kim Yong-Chul for an hour and a half to discuss the issue of nuclear disarmament and the second summit, which will be held around the end of February," the president said.

"We are continuing to make progress and we are still in talks," the press secretary told reporters.

The United States will continue to keep "pressure and sanctions" on North Korea until "we see full and verifiable nuclear disarmament," she said.

"We have very good steps and good intentions from the North Koreans with the release of the hostages and other moves and we will continue this talk, and the president looks forward to this in February," Sanders told reporters.
The North Korean envoy arrived at the White House after a closed-door meeting with Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and US special envoy to North Korea Stephen Pigeon at a hotel.

Following the White House meeting, the North Korean official and his party were invited to lunch by Pompeo at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Foggy Bottom.

The Secretary-General, the Special Representative, and Vice-President Kim discussed efforts to make progress on the commitments made by President Trump and President Kim Jong-un at their summit in Singapore. At the conclusion of the secretary's meeting with Vice President Kim, the two sides held a productive working meeting, said US State Department deputy spokesman Robert Paladino.

Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman said that in Singapore, Trump surrendered to Kim Jong-un, where North Korea surrendered a propaganda coup against empty talk.

At a second summit, he called for tangible and verifiable commitments from Pyongyang.

Last year in Singapore, Trump described his first historic meeting with Kim Jong-un as "really wonderful" and said they had agreed to "sign" an unspecified document after their "very positive" summit, with the aim of normalizing and completing relations. The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

The US president has said he believes Kim Jong-un will "solve a big problem, a big dilemma" and that by working together, "we will take care of them."

The summit held on Singapore's Sentosa Island - the first between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader - marked a shift in relations between Trump, 72, and Kim, 36, after a long exchange of threats and insults.

The United States insists it will not accept less than the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.